That feeling of sort of being lost when you finish watching a TV series or reading a book and then you don’t know what to do with yourself.

I have that feeling.

Every time I see a caption of “wild horse” on a photo that’s not of a Przewalski’s horse I want to add: *feral.

Writing English in Tengwar. WHY. Why would people do this. It is just… ick.


Valar Dragons!!!

These are the breeding pairs of for the lovely Valar dragons. Maiar sets coming soon!

(If you see any names written in Quenya incorrectly, please msg me the correct spelling and I’ll get right on it :D)

Pretty :D

The Tengwar is mostly “correct” for that mode, but they are Quenya names, so it would probably make more sense to use Classical/Quenya mode. You can see the names of the Valar written in Classical mode here.

I am alive. I have a boyfriend now and he is occupying most of my free time.

I also started playing silly horse games again.

xredriverx replied to your post: I think if all people were required to…

Haha did one throw a tantrum or something? And I completely agree with you)

Nah, just no kindergarten this week so 12 hours today, tomorrow and Friday. (And I really do love them and they’re 90% of the time absolutely great).

I think if all people were required to work with children before having any, there would be a lot less people. (Children are hard work.)